Where Did I Go Wrong On My Travels.

Traveling has always been a very major part of my life. So much that on my last trip I was unintentionally analysing what am am doing wrong on my trip. I see and meet many travellers most of them much smarter then me, yeh! . From my few years of experience I figured there are a few things I could really change about my style of travel only to make it better.

  • A Sucker for technology.

On many occasion we decide to not over use technology on our travels. The whole point of travel is to get away, right? As it turns out Facebook, twitter, instagram – all of them seem to call out to me a lot more when i’m travelling. No matter how hard i try I always seem to stumble upon some cafe that has free wifi and break my “phone free travel” plan. The worst is when I find myself using google maps to get from one place to another rather than just asking for simple directions.Staying in a city I think most of us get shackled to this kind of habits and find it easy to just “Google It”. But trust me, its more fun when you ask for directions or use a map.

  • Introverted Disadvantage.

Like I mention above, using google maps to find a place rathe than ask for directions. Well being an introvert is a major issue – especially when you are travelling solo. Introverts have the worst time when it comes to bargaining, because that involves making conversations. Just recently, I was sitting at a home stay in Hippy Island in Hampi and a Lady walks up-to the reception to check for room rentals. In the course of her conversation she managed to convince the manager to give her a 20% off on the room because she has a lovely smile. While all this happened I hid my face in my novel and just wished I could be as convincing in a conversation.

  • Bad financial Planning.

On most of my trips i set a budget, and almost 90% of the times I manage to cross it. I’ve days when I spent lesser than planned but the moments are few. The worst is when spending too much money on one destination beings down the excitement of going to the next. This realisation hit me when I was in South Goa last year and ended up spending way more than I should have at a beach side bar. The worst part being, I was traveling alone so I made alcohol and my notebook friends for a day

  •  Laziness Gets in the way. 

Working as a freelancer in a city, you spend a lot of time just lazing around. The more you do of this, the more it becomes a part of your life. Being lazy as a traveler sometimes makes me feel like I’m missing out on a lot of things that others would do. I keep telling myself – The sole point of traveling is to relax and not over do anything – which i think is just an excuse i use sometimes.
On my last trips I actually spent a whole two hours reading a book at  bus stop rather than spring that time exploring the city. Sometimes being a lazy person could boil up some regrets. 

Just a little lazy...

Just a little lazy…

  • Wait. I think I packed too much.

The problem is your stupid rucksack can fill up as many things you put into it and sometimes I get carried away. I carry one book more than I will read, One pair of pants I’ll never wear. Untill the last time i packed my bag with the minimum I could and guess what, when you keep less resources you find a way to manage with that much. This also opens your backpack to a lot more space so you can pick up memories form your travels.   



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