Bhrigu Lake Trek – Day Four/Four

Day Five (8th Aug)
Theli – Vashisht (2600m)

WOW! I can’t believe I’m publishing this almost two months after the trek, I’m not a full time travel blogger so I guess I just lost track. 
Thanks for follow ups on the last post guys. Here it goes. 

So day four was nothing like the rest of the days of our trek, I woke up in the morning with the sound of rain lashing on my tent. I looked at my tent mate, RJ, and wondered if getting out was the right option!
I made the brave move (that’s right!) of putting my hand out of my tent to check how bad the rain was. As it turns out the rain was not bad at all. I learned that day, that tents exaggerate the sound of rain inside it. I stepped out into the drizzle and walked into a lonely corner to finish my “morning rituals” and wash my face in the freezing cold stream. It was the first day on the trek that I was awake before any of the others. I was proud for some reason!
As time passed everyone came out of the tent and we were deciding as to how we are going to decent down the mountains in this unexpected rain. In an hour the rain calm down and we decided there could not be a better time to start our walk down.

As we started walking, not just me, I’m sure ever one else was thinking about how fast these four days got done with. Before you could know it was already time to descend the mountain. The same mountain we spent 3 days climbing. Just then, my thought process was interrupted by a ‘slip and fall’.
I was wearing just another basketball shoe,bought from the Nike showroom and not trekking shoes. This was the first time on my trek that I realized the importance of good trekking shoes. On the whole descend down I slipped and fell more than 10 times and I was always behind the rest of the pact. But that hardly mattered. After a couple of hours I found a way to walk and now fall.

The best part of our descend had arrived. The grass was now six feet tall, YES! The grass! The grass was taller than all of us. Our guide used this to our advantage. He lay the grass down as he walked and told the rest of us to slide down on it. That’s right! SLIDE DOWN! That was one memory I will always cherish for years to come. The pant I was wearing that day is still in my cupboard, even the dry cleaner could not clean it – and I love that because I have the best memory now.

The rains kept going on and off for six to seven hours on our descend down. We all ACTUALLLY walked for close to seven-eight hours in the rain on the way down.
Talk about the peaceful trek becoming super challenging on the last day.
The way down was an experience in itself. The groups got split because of the mist and the rain, most of us slipped and fell, some of us lost our way and after all this we finally reached Vashist.
On the evening of 8th August, we were all at a German Bakery next to the hot water spring eating doughnuts, not able to digest the fact that the trek was over. OVER! WOW!

As I conclude this last chapter of the blog, I want to thank RJ, Manu, Dilip, Prakash, Anu, Hara and my Guide Sanju for the most awesome and my first high altitude trek. You guys are the best group I could have asked for. We were stranger before the trek and now we all have a special bond to share. Thank you and hope we can do this again.

This is all from my first Himalayan adventure. Many more to come!
Thank you readers. This blog is useless if you are not reading this!





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