Bhrigu Lake Trek – Day Three/Four

Day –Three (7th Aug)
 Ravalikoli – Bhrigu Lake (4235m) – Theli (3500m)

Firstly, I want to start-off by apologizing for the delay. Never really found time to finish this post. But here it goes –

Day three started with hopes, dreams and excitement. We were finally going to make it to our destination on this day. The weather was not on our side when we woke up, Sight drizzles!
There were another group of trekkers who were camping right next to us who had got back from Bhrigu Lake the past evening. On asking them what should we expect they said everything is going to be quite simple, although there is a steep 500mts climb on the way which alone will take a few hours. With those words of inspiration (or not) we set out on our path.

The Morning View

The Morning View

Just as we started our climb, we experienced what we all were waiting for right from the start of the trek – The Snow Patches. While I had no problem walking on the snow, others found it rather challenging.  Cross over from one snow patch to the other and you suddenly enter a rocky terrain. As a matter of fact on this leg of the trek we saw terrains change rapidly.

Rapid Changes in Terrain

Rapid Changes in Terrain

Almost two hours into the walk we reach our biggest nightmare – That steep 500mt climb.
Now, the guys at our camp where not at all exaggerating.  This was the steepest climb we had seen on our trek so far. Like I mentioned, the terrain was changing with every step. Just on this one slope we saw it go from rocks to ice and back to huge rocks. This slope alone took us more than an hour and a half  to climb.  But after putting everything we had into the climb and reaching the top, in not less than 15 minutes we had reached the highest point of the trek, Bhrigu Lake at 4235mts!!

Bhrigu Lake - Finally there

Bhrigu Lake – Finally there

Like the name suggests it’s a lake. But the story behind it is that back in the days, sages would come here to meditate and locals believe that this is the reason why this lake never freezes. Interesting?
We spent some time there clicking group photos and enjoying the fact that we had made it here already. Once the excitement calm down we sat by the side and ate our packed lunches and I must say that sandwich tasted like heaven wrapped in a tin-foil.


Just as we started to walk away from the lake a light drizzle started to drop and within no time the valley was filled with mist and clouds. To make sure none of loose track, we followed our guide like a tamed dog would follow his master. By late afternoon we were at our base camp at Theli and spent the rest of the day talking about that 500mts climb and how we all had the toughest time today.

By night the weather got so cold, standing outside was not even an option. Day three comes to an end and we hit the hay knowing that we made it to the top.

Last Base-Camp

Last Base-Camp


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