Roadtrip’in – Hesaraghatta Grasslands

Why Hesaraghatta Grasslands?
On a Saturday morning you feel like taking a long drive. But then, you realize any place would be flooded with people on a Saturday morning. The point of a long drive is to get away from the noise of the city. Ironically the noise of the city also moves out with these people. Nandi Hills or Ramnagar are not the options on a weekend morning. My friend suggested we drive down to Hesaraghatta Grasslands.
At 6.15am the car engine took a spark and we were on the road. If you are coming from Bangalore city you need to hit the Bangalore-Tumkur highway, You can use NICE road to get there too. (Map shown At the End)

What is Hesaraghatta Grasslands?
       The grassland is exactly what you think it is. It is a land covered with grass, till the eye can see. The Hesaraghatta Grasslands is one of the few remaining grass lands in the country. They are mostly exploited and commercialized, but this section is kept safe (so far). Surrounded by Film and Art schools its one of those place you would go to get away from the chaos of the city and find your creative side. At the end of the grassland you will see an array of trees. It looks like the location of a Karan-Johar-movie-love-song-sequence.

"Ray of hope for the eco System"

“Ray of hope for the Eco System”

PC : Madhav Nayak

PC : Madhav Nayak



What To Do At Hesaraghatta? 

  • Drive to the end of the grass land till you reach the amazing row of trees. Spend some time to absorb nature.Find a tree you like and sit below it and maybe read a book or chronicle you thoughts.
  • Listen to the breeze blow and the birds chirp. It is said that the Grasslands are home to a large species of birds. We were lucky enough to spot a few.
  • Hesaraghatta Lake  A 4-5 Mins drive from the Grassland you will find the Hesaraghatta lake. The lake is HUGE. It is a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts
  • Nrityagram Dance Village – Don’t be thrown off tack by “Dance Village”. It’s a small setup behind the grassland and this place is a piece of art. From vintage cars to rare flowers they got some really nice things you can check out. They are open from 10am onwards and there is a very small entry fee.
  • Eat – If you feel like and can afford it, there is a “Taj Kutirum” right behind the grass-land. You could grab a bite to eat there. Or you can drive back till the village and find many small stalls there.
Hesaraghatta Lake

Hesaraghatta Lake

In Conclusion – There is no bad time to go to the Grasslands, It’s a round-the-year kind of place. Although, best time to visit is Monsoon. This is one of the most peaceful place you can find so close to the city. The drive through the village will be amazing. Spend some time exploring all side of the grassland, its larger than life. If you wish to sit and eat or drink there, feel free it will be beautiful. Just make sure you do not toss your trash there. It is a hot spot for birds and you do not want you ruin what is left of nature. 

"Green till the eye can see"

“Green till the eye can see”

 Route Map
Click below Thumbnail.
Screenshot 2014-06-19 02.40.53


Feel free to leave you views in the comment section below. If you have been to Hesarghatta, tell me about you trip too.

Photo also Credit to – Madhav Nayak 


4 thoughts on “Roadtrip’in – Hesaraghatta Grasslands

  1. We went recently to Hesaraghatta during January. Although weather was bit hot during the day, it was filled with fog in the early morning. recommend to visit during early morning.

    Here is the video documentary we made during our ride.


      • Night ride are not the most safe thing .. Although there is a Taj hotel there, so you could maybe stay there – same feels!
        PS: Sorry bout the late reply!

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