Kendati aka “Chota Ladakh” Is CLOSED!

After seeing photos of people taking rides to this place called the “Chota Ladakh” (Translation – Small Ladakh), although it looks nothing like Ladakh, I always wanted to check this place out. On one week-day I convinced a couple of friends to clear their calender and drive down to Kendati. This place, at a distance of about 58Kms from Bangalore city, is suppose to be a peaceful ‘hang-out’ spot for most youngsters. It was a quarry that has been inactive for over a year and collected water at most of its sections. This blue water and the white rocks of the quarry make it look very attractive. Attractive enough for people to call it the “Chota Ladakh” .

The expected View, Now shut down!

The expected View, Now shut down!

Over the past few months this place has witnessed quite a lot of accidents. According to a recent newspaper article over 10 people have lost their life in the waters of the quarry. This sudden rise in the risk has forced the cops of the Kolar Rural Police Station to lock down the place and restrict any entry of general public. This recent development will surely leave a whole bunch of people disappointed. As of those people who got a chance to visit, before it shut down – I’m very jealous! On talking to the villagers of Kendati, one gentlemen told us that the cops, just last night arrested a group of 4 boys for trespassing into the quarry. His these words were enough to scare the crap out of us.

Article In Bangalore Mirror.

Article In Bangalore Mirror

All we can hope for is that in a few months they will come up with a method to allow the public into the quarry, Beacuse, Lets face it… It was quite an awesome place! Link To Media Coverage-

Disappointed Bikers!

Disappointed Bikers!


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